Monday, 22 May 2017

Muffin Tray Ball Transfer Activity

Toddlers love transferring things, anything from one place to another. Random transfers really. They don't have any order in mind but have the constant urge to keep their little feet and hands busy doing something! 

So, why not channelise this urge into a creative, orderly activity to help them understand order and purposeful transferring a little better? This simple activity will help little ones develop their concentration and hand eye co-ordination  all this while having fun transferring, an activity they any love! :)

I used two similar muffin trays for this activity. One filled with plastic balls in each slot and the other left empty. I showed my mini how to pick up one ball at a time from the first muffin tray and place it in an empty slot in the second tray. He tried it hands at it and got all, (except one naughty little ball which ran away from him!) at the very first go! I told you, toddlers love transferring! :)

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