Sunday, 4 June 2017

DIY Busy Box for Toddlers | Activity Box for Toddlers

Ever since my little boy started moving around and exploring the world around him, I have been researching on simple DIY toys to keep him entertained at home. One thing that caught my attention was Busy Books

Busy Books are pretty handcrafted cloth or felt books that are made with the child's interests in mind such that each page has an interactive activity for them to get involved and keep busy with. I absolutely loved the idea! Someday, I definitely wanted to try my hands at making one for my boy. While on this research, I got an idea on similar lines... of making a Busy Box!  

So my idea was to make use a huge cardboard box that I had lying home and convert it into an activity box with an activity on each side. I spent a few days figuring out what sort of activity I wanted to incorporate into my busy box. I wanted something simple, entertaining at the same time attractive enough to hold the attention of my little 15 months old boy. 

Hence, after much research and planning, I used a sturdy cardboard box, a few craft items and some simple toys to make a busy box with a different activity on each side. Well my mini spent 1 full hour on it with no damages... I consider that a success! :) 

This is my favourite DIY till date and I am proud with the way it has finally turned out! My heart does a happy dance every time he goes and plays with it by himself, exploring every element that I have thrown into it.

Materials I used in making this Busy Box:

Cardboard Box
Craft Papers - Foam, coloured, laminated brown paper, gift wrapper.
Velcro Tape
Hobby Knife
Coloured Pens


Using sheets of laminated brown notebook covers, I first covered three sides of the cardboard box. I used a colourful gift wrapping paper to cover the fourth side and the top of the cardboard box. I left the base open as an access point to reach out to toys that will be dropped into the box during play.

Shapes and Colours Match Activity: 

  • This activity involves pasting the shape cut-outs onto the appropriate shapes at the base. 
  • The move-able shape cut-outs are made using coloured foam sheets and the other shape cut-outs that are stuck on the cardboard box are made of coloured paper. 
  • I stuck a strip of Velcro on top on which, the shape cut-outs are placed and can be easily removed, matched and placed on top of the shapes below.

Ball/skittles drop Activity: 

  • This activity involves tossing the ball/skittles through the holes on the cardboard box.
  • I traced circles of the size of the skittles, on the cardboard box and using a hobby knife, I cut these circles out. 
  • I used the skittles of a mini bowling set for this activity.

Screw and Unscrew Activity: 
  • This activity involves removing the nuts and then putting them back on. 
  • I traced circles of the size of the bolts , on the cardboard box and using a hobby knife, I cut these circles out. 
  • Then, I screwed in the bolts from the inside of the box and screwed the nuts onto the bolts from the outside.
  • I used Funskool Nuts and Bolts for this activity.

Show and Tell Family Members Activity: 
  • This activity involves showing and naming family members from the photographs tuck on the cardboard box.
  • I gathered photographs of immediate family members and stuck them on the cardboard box.
  • We sit together and point and name the members of the family. This made him giggle!

Mini loved exploring this box and it was such a delight watching him turn the box over and over to understand the various elements that I put into this Busy Box.

He loved the Nuts and Bolts activity the best! Learnt to unscrew within 20 mins of constant practice... OK, time to keep safe our water bottles! :)

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