Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Bottle and Straws Activity for Toddlers

A very simple activity that we did a few days back, caught the mini's attention for longer than I had imagined. It made him sit in one place, concentrate, try to and actually manage to achieve the goals of the little game.

The activity was all about filling a plastic bottle with straws. It sounds really simple to an adult. But for restless little toddlers, this activity requires a fair bit of concentration, hand-eye coordination and the understanding of the whole purpose of the game. 

So, all that is required for this activity is a plastic bottle or two, and a few straws. I showed my son how to pick up a straw and drop it into the bottle through the opening and in just a couple of seconds he was at it all by himself :)

This activity is absolutely safe as there is no scope of damages or breakages and little inquisitive minds can do all the exploring they want!


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