Tuesday, 20 June 2017

DIY Chunky Puzzle

At 15 months, I had not yet introduced chunky puzzles to my little boy. I was not sure if he would understand the concept or if he would really like it. I was not sure what kind of puzzle to start with as he is yet to identify objects, fruits, veggies etc and yet to relate to them. 

So I decided to make my own frugal puzzle with bright attractive colours and simple basic shapes. I used cardboard scraps, bottle caps and colour paper to make this. This is really simple and took me just one nap time (Yes naptimes are my new measure of time these days!) 

My mini loved it and to my surprise was able to put in place most of the pieces. He struggled a bit with the triangle. I am very happy with the way this has turned out and the bottle caps, oh they make for perfect little handles for tiny chubby hands to hold on to :)

Things you need:

Cardboard sheet - 2 of equal size
Bottle caps - as many as the number of puzzle pieces you plan to make. I used 4.
Colour Paper
Hobby Knife

How to make it:

  • On the first cardboard sheet, draw basic shapes and cut them out using a hobby knife. Keep aside the cut out pieces.

  • Trim out the excess from the cardboard and make it a proper square or rectangle. Cut the second piece of cardboard sheet to size, to match the first sheet.


  • Stick coloured paper on the second piece of cardboard exactly below the cutout of the first cardboard sheet. Blue below the triangle cutout, yellow below the square cut out, red below the round cutout and green below the rectangle cutout.
  • Stick corresponding coloured papers onto the cutout pieces as well.
  • Stick the two cardboard sheets together and decorate with a border of coloured paper to cover the seams.

  • Stick bottle caps on the cutout pieces after sticking on the coloured paper.I used Feviquick here.

  • Allow everything to dry up for a few minutes and then fit the pieces into the slots. 

Voila! Your chunky puzzle is ready! :)

I love how the chubby little fingers clutch the bottle cap so cutely! :)


My little man spends quite a good time playing with this puzzle. 

Here is him putting the pieces together :)

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  1. This is so cool. You are very creative. Will try for my son.