Monday, 11 September 2017

DIY Jigsaw Puzzle | Two-piece Toddler Puzzles

After having introduced my little man to chunky puzzles, next up on my list was to create simple two-piece jigsaw puzzles. I wanted to keep it really simple, attractive and fun for him to play with. I have a few shop bought 2,3 pieces puzzles, but I wanted to begin with homemade ones first.

So after looking around for some ideas I came up with this idea. Using cardboard scraps, coloured paper bits some googly eyes and coloured pens, I was all set to create my own little pack of jigsaw puzzles for my toddler. 

It is super easy to put together that it was all completed in a single nap time, that is around 1 hour or so. My 16-month-old couldnt solve the puzzles, but enjoyed the googly eyes and loved handling the cardboard