Monday, 22 May 2017

Matching Boxes with Lids

My little boy loves hanging out in the kitchen, playing with utensils and opening boxes. He enjoys his time in the kitchen so much that I decided to make a fun activity around the plastic storage boxes that I had in hand. 

I gathered 4-5 boxes of different sizes, and colours and laid them in from of him in such a way that the boxes are in line and their respective lids are in a parallel line in front of them. He just merely has to match the lids with their boxes. Its a simple activity, but kept him entertained and occupied for a few minutes allowing his tiny brain to process the requirements of this game. 

Of course he did not get it all right the first few times, but he tried it over again a few times and slowly seemed to get a hang of it and got better at it in just a few attempts.

Eventually, he was able to place the correct lids over the correct boxes and seemed mighty pleased with himself about his achievement! :)

Understanding the concept of the game!

Getting better at it!

And he has got them all right! 

His very first attempt... Confused with the lids a bit! :)

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