Sunday, 21 May 2017

Ball Drop Activity for Toddlers

This was the first activity that I created for my son. He was 15 months at the time and constantly on the move and exploring! I wanted to keep his little hands and mind busy with a creative activity, even if for just a few minutes! Was not sure if he will understand the concept or like the game. To my surprise, he loved it and took to it instantly. 

It is simple yet entertaining for toddlers and keeps them busy, while alongside helps develop their hand eye coordination and concentration. 

Things required:
Chart Paper - 1 sheet
Cello-tape, glue 
Plastic Balls

How I made it:
So the activity is simple. I made a paper basket or a tunnel of sorts using chart paper, decorated it with some stickers and stuck it at a convenient height for my son, on the side of a cupboard (You may stick it to a wall, door, shelf or whichever area suits you and your little one the best). I then placed a tiny bucket full of plastic balls beside this setup. I showed my son how to toss the balls through the paper tunnel from the top. He was fascinated at hoe the ball came out from the bottom! :)

After a couple of demos, he was at it by himself! :)

It was an instant hit with my mini and am glad after quite a few weeks, the basket is still stuck up there except for a few tears which I have taped up.

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