Friday, 26 May 2017

Mess-Free Ziploc Art | Toddler Art Activities

I want to give my little guy a much exposure to creative activities as possible. It is of course left to him to decide if it interests him or not, but from my side, I want him to experience art from an early age. 

His first exposure to art was at 13 months, when we did palm printing together! I just smeared some paint on a paper plate and guided his palms into the paint and onto the paper, making tiny palm prints.

He was too small to understand it, but seemed ti enjoy it :) 

I had used regular acrylic paint for this and had to constantly hold his hand, lest the paint get smeared all over the place, apart from the art book! :)

More recently, we tried crayon colouring for the first time and the little fellow seemed to take to it just for 15 seconds! :D


Oh, and I love these ball crayons from Faber Castell, they are perfect for little hands!

This time around, we tried our hands at this mess-free colouring activity and it seemed to catch the mini's attention! kept him busy and entertained for a few mins more than the crayon activity!

Here is how we did this:
  • Splatter drops of water colours on a plain sheet of paper. 
  • Insert the paper into a Ziplock bag carefully so as to not spread the paint too much (because, that's what the mini is going to be doing! :) )
  • Seal tight the Ziplock bag and tape it to the work table, highchair or wherever you plan to do the activity.
  • Unleash the mini and let them have fun splattering and spreading the paint, safe inside the Ziplock bag! :)


Make sure the ends of the ziploc bag is sealed well and taped to the work table.

We tried this on his booster chair too just prior to his meal time.

It worked well and the art he created seemed to keep him entertained during meal.

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