Friday, 26 May 2017

DIY Sensory Board for Babies and Toddlers

Toddlers love to touch and feel everything! That is their basic approach to exploring the world around them. Their inquisitive little minds are always looking to lean something new. New textures, new items, new sounds, new visuals. Every small things catch their attention and perk up curiosity. This curiosity if tapped well, can be used to help in their early learning. 

In this DIY, i have tried to introduce him to different textures that are commonly available in a household. I used materials lying around the home to make this and in the process planned it around basic geometric shapes to make it fun and eventually help him identify shapes.

By using up scraps available around the home to make his, I did not really spend on anything except for a bit of glue and colour paper! The joy of creating stuff to entertain your little one, is unparallelled! :)

Details of the materials used:
  • A sheet from an old cardboard box, wrapped in gift wrapper on one side.
  • Rectangle: a perforated cardboard sheet from an Amul cheese cubes box.
  • Oval: a flannel cloth scrap.
  • Diamond: a plastic paper bag scrap with batting (used for quilting) for cushiony padding. You can use just regular cotton too.
  • Square: a sand paper scrap.
  • Round: an old hand towel scrap.
  • Triangle: aluminium foil scrap, crushed it a bit to enhance its texture.
  • Decorated with some glittery stickers for added attraction.

This simple sensory board sure kept my mini busy exploring different textures! It was a delight to watch those tiny hands rub-a-dub-dub against each texture! :)

The hint of coloured paper-border got him curious to flip the board over and check even the backside of the sensory board!

Oh yeah.. And it makes a great sitting mat too!  All in all, it was an effort completely worth it!

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