Monday, 29 May 2017

DIY Busy Board for Toddlers

Toddlers need to keep busy. Constantly. They need to explore the world around them and explore they do, every waking minute! :D

I wanted my mini to enjoy exploring some simple everyday objects, in a fun way. I wanted for him to experience simple actions like flipping open a paper flap, removing and sticking back a Velcro sticker, tugging at and putting back a magnet etc in a single toy such that he can sit in one place for a few minutes and get involved in this activity. With this idea in mind, I got around making this busy board!

It definitely did catch the little guy's attention and all my efforts were well worth it when I saw him reach out to every corner of the board to explore every little feature that I had put into it.

Here is a simple Busy Board that I made for my inquisitive mini to play, explore, learn and just keep busy the fun way! I made this with items I found lying around the house. A sheet from an old cardboard box formed the base. I wrapped it in a gift wrapper on one side and black chart paper on the other. Finally stuck a few items for touch and feel activity.

Details of the touch and feel items are:
  • A rubber ducky - stuck a Velcro to it. 
  • A fridge magnet. 
  • The plastic flip-lid of Huggies wet wipes with a piece of flannel cloth inside. 
  • A peekaboo chart paper window with a felt heart for handle and googly eyed face drawn inside. 
  • A wooden play block - stuck a Velcro to it. 
  • An old self-adhesive kitchen hook with movable steel hook. 
  • A zipper! 
  • Some feet and palms-shaped stickers.

Here is a little video explaining every little feature in this Busy Board :)

Leaving you with pics of the mini exploring the busy board with utmost concentration and curiosity :)


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