Tuesday, 30 May 2017

DIY Edible Washable Paints | Homemade Paints

I have been trying my hands at toddler art for a few days now. From palm printing, crayon art to mess-free Ziploc art, I am giving my little guy an exposure to various forms of art, colouring and painting activity. 

While he has enjoyed each of it, he is still too young to take to any of these for too long and actually keep engaged and busy with any kind of art. I just like to make an early start and give him different creative experiences and will let him figure out for himself where his interests lay. 

As part of my latest experiment, I tried making some homemade, edible and completely washable paint. The sort of paint that is completely toddler or even baby friendly. Best used as finger paints to create messy art and for sensory play. 

So, here is a super simple recipe that needs no cooking and uses just 3 ingredients... Flour, water and food colours! Completely washable, stain-proof and if you mini decides to give it a taste.. no worries! :)

All Purpose Flour - 1 cup
Water - 1 cup
Food Colours

  • Mix together equal portions of flour and water.
  • Make a lump-free thick batter. 
  • Divide into little portions and add food colour to each. 

Voila... Your paints are ready!

My little guy was amused by it. He took his time to understand the texture of the paints. 

After a while began splashing it on the paper that I had laid down in front of him. 

Eventually, he became the canvas for his art work and was decently covered in paint... thankfully, they are completely washable and do not leave any stains... so yay! :)

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