Thursday, 5 September 2019

Playdough Kits - Some More!

Fire Emergency Playdough Kit
Our love affair with Playdough Kits is going strong and with each kit, I am seeing a lot of learning through play happening.  If you have missed our first post on Playdough Kits, do hop over to my previous post on it and read up on them. We have the following kits on that post:
  • Construction Site Playdough Kit
  • Cupcake Playdough Kit
  • City Playdough Kit
  • Land and Sea Playdough Kit
Farm Playdough Kit
Also, if you are looking to make your own batch of playdough, here is how we make our Homemade Playdough. Its super simple and we really love the texture! The playdough that we use are all homemade

I consider a thoughtfully put together playdough kit as a little investment in time that I am making. I may take about 15-20 minutes to put together a kit and what results in hours of freeplay and endless creative learning for the Mini. It is worth every bit of my effort.

Bee and Garden Playdough Kit
The best part? I have spent absolutely nothing to make these kits, except of course the box itself, the rest of the little items are all parts of his existing toys, items lying around the house or craft supply. I love that I am able to re purpose items from his toys that are usually lesser played with. These kits give a whole new dimension to them and rekindles his interest, while in reality, there is no new items at all. Just presented in a different fun way!

Funny Faces Playdough Kit
Here are our kits from last few days... We totally absolutely LOVE them. I do hope you get some ideas and inspirations while here and get playdoughing with your little one! It is worth it all :)

Here are the kits I put together so far, using simple craft items, existing toys and stuff lying around the house. Will share more as we go. 

Fire Emergency Playdough Kit
  • Toy Fire Trucks
  • Domino blocks building (just drew windows on regular domino blocks)
  • Pebbles
  • Toy trees
  • Mini fireman and accessories from Cogo blocks (similar to Lego blocks) 
  • Brown playdough.

Learning through this kit:
  • He got a slight understanding of the hazard cones I included in this kit.
  • He learnt new words such as 'Water Hydrant', 'Water Hose'.
  • He enjoyed playing a fireman rescuing people from a fire zone. 

Farm Playdough Kit
  • Toy farm animals
  • Toy tractors
  • Toy trees
  • Toy fences
  • Pebbles
  • Plastic pegs
  • Duck and pig cookie cutters
  • FARM letters
  • Brown and green playdough.

Learning through this kit:
  • Including those letters in the kit, made him try to spell FARM by himself, only he spelt it in right to left orientation :) We spoke about how words are to be spelt in left to right orientation. 
  • He learnt the word 'Fence' through this kit.

Bee and Garden Playdough Kit
  • Yellow pegs bees (just drew stripes and eyes on plain yellow plastic play pegs)
  • Hexagon shape peg (from a shape sorting toy)
  • Wooden blocks (flowers, butterflies and ladybird - from an old balancing toy)
  • Wooden honey spoon with a cute bee on it.
  • Black lentils
  • Yellow and green playdough.

Learning through this kit:
  • We talked about how bees collect nectar from flowers and make honey. 
  • We learnt that bees stay in bee hives that have hexagon patterns in them. 
  • This evolved into a fine motor activity when he used his little tongs to pull out the 'bee eggs' from the hive! :)

These are some of his existing toys and household items that I re purposed for this kit.

A closer look at these cuties!

Funny Face Playdough Kit
  • Googly eyes
  • Craft sticks
  • Beads
  • Straw bits
  • Cookie cutter
  • Purple and orange playdough.

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