Monday 26 March 2018

DIY Mini Abacus

Well, not really the perfect abacus to start teaching counting to a little one. But my intention was not to teach, it was to get my little one curious about those movable beads and get his tiny fingers working to move those beads across the sticks. I made this as a little toy to keep him entertained and help in his motor skills. 

The size of this is just perfect for tiny hands and can be lifted, turned around and explored with ease. All I have used here are some pretty smiley beads, two pairs of popsicle sticks, some toothpicks and glue! Frugal craft projects like these to keep minis busy, is the best! 

Go ahead and check out how I made this.

Things needed:
Colourful Beads - As many as you want actually. I used 30.
Popsicle Sticks - 4
Tooth Picks - Depends on the number of columns you plan to make. I used 10.
Glue.  I used a combo of Fevicol MR and Feviquick.


  • Stick the toothpicks on to one side of a popsicle stick, as shown in the picture. Allow it to dry completely, this may take a few hours. 
  • Once done, glue the other ends to another popsicle stick. Again allow to cool completely.
  • Now, sandwich the toothpick heads with a popsicle stick, using a generous amount of glue in between. Repeat the process for the tail ends of the toothpicks as well.
  • Make sure the abacus is completely dry before handing it to the mini to explore and play.

This mini abacus served as a great feeding time toy too. It kept my little guy intrigued for a long time:) Hope this entertains your little ones too! :)


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