Tuesday, 27 June 2017

DIY Touch and Feel Book for Toddlers

Touch and feel books are books with a little interactive section on each page of the book, aiming to give the child a textural experience as he browses through the book. These books are a great hit with my little guy. Right from when he was a wee 3 month-old, he has showed a fond liking for books. He has a little Monster themed touch and feel book in his mini library which he often browses through and sits and enjoys touching the little patches of textures on every page.

So now that I am on my DIY journey with my little boy, I wanted to try my hands at making a personalised Touch and Feel book for him! It was with the intention of making an interactive book as well as a collectible or a keepsake which he can cherish for many years to come since I used his tiny palm prints to make this book! :)

Things needed:
White Paper
Craft Paper of different textures - Foam, Felt, Perforated, Handmade Paper.
Coloured or Gift Wrapping Paper
Paper Punch
Binding Rings

  • I first traced out his palm print while he napped. Made a cutout of this and used as template. 

  • Using the template, I then made cutouts of different textures papers. 
  • Blue: Felt paper. 
  • Red: Handmade craft paper. 
  • Green: Perforated craft paper. 
  • Yellow: Foam sheet.
  • I used black chart paper for pages of the book and stuck a palm cutout on each page. 
  • Finally, I made and decorated a cover using green chart paper. Using a paper punch made holes through each sheet. 
  • Used the rings of his old rattle toys, to bind the book together!

It isn't a very sturdy book and I need to help him flip the pages and safe guard it from tearing... Yet, pleased with this simple personalised touch and feel book!

My boy enjoyed flipping through the pages, feeling the different textured in the shape of his own palm and also tugging at and exploring the book ring that I used to bind the pages together! :)

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