Monday, 11 September 2017

DIY Jigsaw Puzzle | Two-piece Toddler Puzzles

After having introduced my little man to chunky puzzles, next up on my list was to create simple two-piece jigsaw puzzles. I wanted to keep it really simple, attractive and fun for him to play with. I have a few shop bought 2,3 pieces puzzles, but I wanted to begin with homemade ones first.

So after looking around for some ideas I came up with this idea. Using cardboard scraps, coloured paper bits some googly eyes and coloured pens, I was all set to create my own little pack of jigsaw puzzles for my toddler. 

It is super easy to put together that it was all completed in a single nap time, that is around 1 hour or so. My 16-month-old couldnt solve the puzzles, but enjoyed the googly eyes and loved handling the cardboard 

Things needed:
Cardboard Scrap
Colour Paper
Sketch Pens, Paint
Glue, Scissors
Googly Eyes


  • I first cut out even squares out of the cardboard scraps that I had. I came up with 8 squares.
  • I then cut out basic shapes out of the coloured papers. One shape in each colour that I had. I managed to get 8 different colours, yay!

  • Then I stuck the colour paper shapes onto each piece of cardboard. 

  • Now the fun part! I drew a bit and added on little embellishments onto the basic shapes to create some fancy cute pictures! So now, instead of just shapes, they were little pictures! :)

  • Another fun part! I cut through the cardboard pieces randomly such that they end up into two pieces - vertically cut, horizontally cut, zigzag cut... oh I just had fun here! :D

  • That's that! Now I let my little fellow have his turn of fun and play with the pieces as he pleased. Of course he did not know to put two matching pieces together... he just enjoyed touching them, feeling the googly eyes and just exploring! :) Well, eventually he will figure it out!

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  1. This is amazing! I was looking for something similar. I'll definitely try it out with my little one today.